Off-taker Agreement in Dubai


In the world of project financing, particularly for energy, infrastructure, and large-scale construction endeavors, contracts like an off-taker agreement play a critical role. These off-take contracts act as the backbone for securing predictable revenue streams, ultimately guaranteeing the financial viability of these capital-intensive projects.

Off-taker Agreement: Ensuring Stability in Project Financing


At 24justice, we are your portal to find an industry-specific expert to guide through the intricacies of drafting, executing, and enforcing off-taker agreements. We ensure your interests are protected, and your projects remain feasible and profitable.

When and Why Off-taker Agreements are Used


Project developers often utilize off-taking agreements when they need to secure a future market for their product or service. This is especially prevalent in renewable energy projects.

Here, developers must guarantee that the electricity generated will be purchased at a predetermined price. By entering into an off-taker agreement, they can assure lenders and investors of the project’s financial stability, making it easier to obtain financing.

Key Components of Off-taking Agreements

  • Parties Involved: The two main parties in an off-take agreement are the producer (seller) and the off-taker (buyer). For instance, in a renewable energy project, the producer would be the facility generating the energy, and the off-taker could be a utility company or a large energy consumer.

  • Concerns and Provisions:
    • Price Agreements: How pricing will be handled is established here. This includes fixed prices or prices linked to market rates to protect against market fluctuations.
    • Volume Commitments: Defining the minimum and maximum product volumes ensures the off-taker purchases enough to make the project viable but not so much as to cause excess supply.
    • Duration: The contract term is set out here, which must align with both the project’s operational lifespan and the financial amortization period.
    • Termination Clauses: These clauses specify conditions under which the contract can be terminated, including penalties and obligations on termination.
    • Force Majeure: Protects parties from unforeseen circumstances beyond their control that could hinder them from fulfilling the contract.
Drafting and Executing Off-taking Agreements

At 24justice, our experts approach to drafting off-taker agreements involves a meticulous analysis of the project’s specifics and your specific needs. They ensure that every agreement is tailored to:

  • Provide clear definitions and unambiguous terms to prevent any disputes.
  • Include robust risk mitigation clauses to protect you throughout the agreement’s term.
  • Ensure compliance with local and international laws, particularly within the UAE’s complex regulatory environment.
Enforcing Off-taker Agreements

Enforcing off-taker agreements, especially in cross-border scenarios, can be challenging. 24justice stands by your side by:

  • Providing legal representation in disputes and arbitration.
  • Advising on legal remedies and enforcement mechanisms available under UAE law.
  • Negotiating on your behalf to reach amicable settlements.

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Off-taker agreements are essential tools for ensuring the success and stability of various high-value projects. They guarantee a market for the project’s output.

At 24justice, we provide and industry-specific expert to give legal guidance to ensure these agreements are not only well-crafted and robust but also aligned with your strategic interests. Our team is equipped to handle all aspects of off-taking agreements, from project inception to completion, whether you’re embarking on a new project or negotiating an existing deal.

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