Pakistani Lawyers in the UAE

Pakistani Lawyers in the UAE : The United Arab Emirates is home to millions of Expats from all around the world. The latest stats on the Demographic information (provided by the Government) of the UAE indicates that the population of Pakistanis in the UAE account for the Second Largest Population of Expatriates.

Having access to Pakistani Lawyers in Dubai can always be beneficial if you are originally from Pakistan and have certain issues and concerns, for which you need legal advice. It is also ideal if you are looking to do business in Pakistan, or indeed have a business in Pakistan.

What kind of advice could Pakistani Lawyers in Dubai give?

A Pakistani Lawyer in the UAE could advise you on legalities and matters that you may have in Pakistan. Whether it’s your legal concern or a matter on behalf of your friends and family, sometimes a legal opinion can give you peace of mind, and better educate the people involved.

Furthermore, due to our network of Lawyers in Pakistan, we have offices all around Pakistan. Not only could you get the Legal Advice from Pakistan that you were looking for, but it can be executed for you as well. Our Documentation department may also be able to handle Document Attestation in Pakistan for you as well.

Family Cases in Pakistan

The greatest number of inquiries we receive are usually related to family matters in Pakistan. From Divorce in Pakistan to Child Maintenance and Visitation Schedules.

Depending on the circumstances, we can resolve cases of Dowry and Jehz Recover, Wife Maintenance, Alimony, and Child Maintenance expenses from Pakistan to the UAE and visa versa. Proxy Divorces (Online Divorce in Pakistan) and Proxy marriages (Online Nikkah in Pakistan) can, in some cases, be facilitated.

Succession Certificates and Matters of Inheritance

The demise of a loved one always causes mental and emotional agony, and we can understand the daunting steps ahead for families to rebuild their lives after suffering a loss of a loved one. Matters pertaining to Inheritance in Pakistan and Succession certificates in Pakistan vary greatly, and our Pakistani Lawyers in the UAE are here to help.

In cases where the assets are known, we simply require the documentation and signed Power of Attorneys. Where assets are unknown, we may be able to trace them in Pakistan through legal channels.

Property Matters in Pakistan

Many cases that come through to us also relate to matters of Property Fraud in Pakistan and illegal possession and repossession (known as “Qabza” or “Kabza”) of land. Here we can assist litigants facing this issue also.

In some matters, the Sale, Purchase and renting of properties we can assist you on also, whilst you are in the UAE through a Power of Attorney.

Commercial Matters in Pakistan

Corporate Transactions and Business Dispute Resolutions can also be amicably resolved through our Network of Portals in the UAE and Pakistan. Whether it’s a shipment that has not been received or a fault in goods, we can help you resolve your consumer matters in Pakistan from the UAE.

Intellectual Property and breach of contract in services like IT services are hurdles for some of our clients in the UAE Face. Our Pakistani Lawyers in the UAE can assist you on how to progress such matters effectively.

Reviewing an Existing Case in Pakistan

If you have already engaged a law firm in Pakistan, and would like a legal second opinion in Pakistan, we can assist you with that also. Sometimes, a third-party report can give you the peace of mind you may be looking to achieve.

We can review the matter for you, and advise you (and your legal counsel) on how they are approaching your matter and whether the matter could be handled in a different way.

Criminal Matters in Pakistan

We have many Criminal lawyers (through our network in Pakistan) who can assist you in such matters. Unfortunately, matters relating to bail may be tricky to do whilst away from Pakistan, but filing criminal matters and pursuing criminal matters through legal channels (For example, Cybercrime in Pakistan) can be achieved.

Bear in mind that criminal matters can vary on the complexity of each aspect of the criminal case, therefore it is best to speak to our Pakistani Lawyers in the UAE to learn more about your options.

Can my matter be resolved in Pakistan whilst being in the UAE?

Generally speaking, the Judicial System of Pakistan can be easy to navigate whilst the litigant is abroad via our Online Legal Services for Overseas Pakistanis Abroad. In some instances, for example, giving a statement or testimonies, a litigant may be required to appear in person before the respective authorities.

Even in cases where your matter is pending in court, you are free to travel and work abroad during the pendency of your case (unless there are bail limitations on you to not do so).

How can we help you?

With our network of portals in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates, we can provide you Pakistani Lawyers in Dubai, Pakistani Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Pakistani Lawyers in Ajman, Pakistani Lawyers in Sharjah and indeed in any of the Emirates.

To find out more, simply fill out the form below and our response team will come back to you to discuss your matter.

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