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Discover firsthand the impact 24Justice has had on the lives of our clients. Check out the authentic experiences of individuals and businesses who have partnered with us for their legal needs.

Our commitment to providing reliable, top-quality legal professionals via our portal is reflected in their words. From handling complex property disputes to offering guidance on commercial litigation, our experts spans various legal areas.

But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how our professionalism, approachability, and unwavering dedication to justice have helped our clients navigate the legal landscape with confidence and ease.
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Alisha Gill
Alisha Gill
They Timely respond. They have a good service. Satisfied.
Suthar Guness
Suthar Guness
Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and will help us in finding other people to assist with their legal issues.. 👍
Shahbaz khan Advocate I am very thankful to you for giving me best guidelines about my case ...i recommend everyone to contact with you for any case thanks...
Namrah Farooq
Namrah Farooq
I required assistance with some official documents and Adv. Shahbaz Khan provided me with thorough guidance, clarifying my confusion. I highly recommend him without reservation. 100% satisfaction.
Aqib Hero
Aqib Hero
So helpful
Waqar Bhatti
Waqar Bhatti
Good communication 24 justice Online Lawyers
Kamran Khan Wattoo official
Kamran Khan Wattoo official
Mashallah good service
Rashid Fazal
Rashid Fazal
Brilliant service. Thank you so much
Benza Moulaye
Benza Moulaye
Good ppl Amazing service

How we operate

At 24Justice, we operate on a foundation of trust, transparency, and expertise. As Dubai’s premier online legal and financial portal, we connect individuals and businesses with accredited, top-tier lawyers, accountants, auditors, corporate service providers and consultants to address their unique legal needs.

Our process is simple yet comprehensive: Whether you’re in Dubai or abroad, we’re committed to providing the best. Our digital-first approach ensures that your solutions are just a click away, making justice more attainable to all.

Step 1

Understand Your Situation

We begin by listening to your unique circumstances, ensuring we fully comprehend the intricacies of your matter.

Step 2

Match with an Expert in the field

Based on your situation, we connect you with an accredited professional specialized in the relevant field of interest.

Step 3

Educate and Provide Guidance

Our professionals will guide you through the process, providing clear and concise advice to help you make informed decisions.

Step 4

Clarify Terms and Conditions

We stand by you every step of the way, ensuring you receive the support you need, whenever you need it.

Media Coverage

As we started in 2016 as Pakistan’s premier online legal platform, 24Justice has become synonymous not only with innovative legal services, but also with an enthusiastic commitment to supporting Combat Sports. This dedication has garnered considerable media coverage, further amplifying our efforts to bolster sports and legal awareness within and beyond our community.

Our numerous sponsorships for local and international Combat Sports events have drawn significant attention, earning us frequent spots on television. These sponsorships highlight our fervor for promoting athleticism, discipline, and a sports culture that values fair play and respect.

Moreover, whilst our work is typically conducted with confidentiality and discretion, certain high-profile cases have also led to us being featured on TV. These instances have been opportunities for us to showcase our steadfast commitment to justice and to shed light on pressing legal issues.

With more than just being a portal, 24Justice is about driving community growth, celebrating sportsmanship, and fostering a culture of justice for all.

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Our Accolades

24Justice is proud to be a trailblazer in Pakistan’s legal landscape. As the country’s first online legal portal in 2016, we’ve revolutionized access to legal services for people living in Pakistan and those abroad. We are now entering the UAE with the same drive and vision, expanding into the Financial Sector as well.

Our innovative use of AI (in Pakistan) has positioned us as the pioneer in AI-assisted legal advice. We’re also committed to uplifting our community through sports sponsorship, supporting both local and international Combat Sports Events, and Chess Tournaments.

First Online Legal Platform

24Justice made history as Pakistan’s first online legal portal, connecting individuals and businesses with top-tier legal services, anytime, anywhere.

AI-Assisted Legal Advice

We are at the forefront of technology with our AI-assisted legal advice, making legal information (Exclusively for Pakistan) more accessible and understandable for everyone.

Local Combat Sports Sponsorship

We passionately support our community, sponsoring local Combat Sports Events, promoting athleticism, discipline, and local talent.

International Sports & Chess

Beyond local boundaries, we sponsor international Combat Sports Events and Chess Tournaments, reinforcing our commitment to strategic thinking, sportsmanship, and global unity.

Why Choose 24Justice: Your Partner in Legal Success

When you partner with 24Justice, you’re choosing Pakistan’s first AI-powered legal platform that is dedicated to providing clear, reliable, and professional legal services. Our team consists of accredited professionals who specialize in a wide range of legal and financial fields, ready to guide you every step of the way.

Wherever you’re based, our digital-first approach ensures that you receive top-tier legal advice that’s just a click away. Our commitment to making quality services accessible is demonstrated by our innovative use of AI to provide general legal guidance in Pakistan.

Furthermore, working with 24Justice means aligning with an organization that values community growth. Our sponsorships in Combat Sports and Chess tournaments demonstrate our dedication to sportsmanship and strategic thinking.

At 24Justice, we believe that everyone deserves access to reliability, and we are committed to making that belief a reality. Choose 24Justice as your portal of choice, and take the first step towards navigating your UAE journey with confidence and ease.

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